Catastrophic Personal Injury Claims

Before deciding if you are subject to a catastrophic personal injury claim in Chicago, it is best to understand exactly what constitues such a claim.

Catastrophic Personal Injury Claims

Any Injury, which occurs at sudden or any incident happen without any prior anticipation and causes irreparable injury is known as Catastrophic Injury. The impacts of catastrophic injuries are very serious and long term effects. The victims of catastrophic injury bound to suffer long term or permanent disabilities.

There are two major sources of catastrophic injury viz…

1.Natural hazards; any catastrophic injury happens due to natural hazards such as volcanic activity, earthquake, landslide, cyclone, tsunami etc.

2.Man-made hazards; it is of many types given below:

I.Industrial Accidents; injuries occurring due to industrial accidents are
-Refinery explosion
-Toxic chemical exposure
-Construction accidents
-Crane accidents


II.Workplace Hazards;
-Fall accident
-Scaffolding accident
-Toxic exposure
-Truck accidents

III.Work place injury
-Crushing injury
-Trauma injury
-Brain injury
-Eye injury
-Spinal cord injury
-Multiple bone fractures
-Neurological disorders
-Severe burns

When a person becomes victim of any serious injury mentioned above, the impact is massive. Consequently, due to this substantial loss victim is not only unable to enjoy his/her life properly, but also not able to continue with his/her job which ultimately cause huge stress on victim as well as his/her family members. Abreast, if this injury damaged brain, in this condition patient is unable to identify any one.

However, if the catastrophic injury has been caused by the natural hazards, in this condition government takes the responsibility of maximum damages. But if the catastrophic injury has been caused by negligent activity or intentional act of any other person, or by faulty or perilous products, personal injury claim by the victim would be essential factor for determining his/her future quality of life. The responsible person is bound to give the compensation. Since, this issue incorporates vast financial implications in order to determine the value of such claim, therefore, it required to find an attorney to assist in the procedure. There are many law firms whose lawyers specially take these sorts of cases only. These lawyers help in recovering the compensation for the damages suffered by victim in terms of –

-Providing the lost wages
-Loss of life
-Mental distress
-Permanent disability
-Medical bills etc.

Now problem rises in finding the expert lawyers, paying their fees, visiting their office repeatedly etc. hence, this is very important to take all these points into consideration while thinking of hiring an attorney for this purpose. Apparently, Attorney Robert A. Brenner understood all these problems and decides to provide relevant information to victims and their keens. We have very successful story to helping victims and their families from 1975. We have many catastrophic personal injury lawyers & attorneys to provide most contented information in order to help them to get justice as soon as possible. Therefore, visit our website for any further assistance regarding the catastrophic injury on work space or catastrophic personal injury.

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Attorney Robert A. Brenner’s Catastrophic Injury Law firm provide catastrophic injury attorneys and Lawyers for legal representation for workspace and personal catastrophic injury claims and compensation.

Catastrophic Injury Lawyer Search 

You will need to first find an attorney in the specialty of Personal Injury Law. Another thing that will clearly be taken into consideration is geographic location in relation to the accident victim.  

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