Claims For Personal Injury Rise During Recession

With the current financial situation and with more people strapped for cash in these uncertains times, insurance claims and  laibility cases are now on the rise.

Since many people are putting off maintenance on their vehicles because f the repairs bills, interestingly enough the number of road accidents have increased.

With road repair itself suffering from lack of funds, a cold winter has led to a growing number of potholes in the nation’s infrastructure which has also resulted in an increase in the accident rate.

It could also be that claims for negliglence in medical practices will also be on the uptake as mroe people are flocking to the emergency rooms for treatment as more and more people are losing their health benefits as a result of job loss.

Safety at the work place will also decline as those who run the companies are more concerned about the bottom line than personal safety.  This has been displayed in recent months by the increase in construction accidents and building collapses.  Health and safety is not longer a priority for many businesses as they are struggling just to survive in this time of financial hardship. 

Now, this has a trickle down effect to the company workers in terms of their workman’s comp and personal injury claims as they come to suspect that an injury claim may be the only way to secure personal financial stability in the short run.  However, this will also lead to more scrutiny by the insurance companies and law enforcement as it is very likely that fraudulent claims will also be on the upswing.

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