Personal Injury Accident Claims Regulation

Many personal injury accident claims are made during stressful and often painful periods of a person’s life. For this reason, the claims management companies that facilitate access to justice for people who have been injured through no fault of their own have a duty to make the process as stress-free as possible.

The claimant must know that they can trust the people that they are dealing with – they should not feel harassed, bullied or unsure of what is happening. They should feel that they are in control, and under professional care from a fully qualified solicitor.

The area of personal injury compensation is rightly subject to strict regulation. It is important that a framework is developed in which a claimant can trust that he or she is being given appropriate and honest help and advice.

Not all claims management companies feel the same way, however. There will always be people who attempt to flout the rules in order to make a quick win from injured and stressed people.

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Recently the Ministry of Justice issued a warning to the public regarding three businesses acting as claims management companies. The companies have been accused of providing regulated claims management services without authorisation.

They are making unsolicited telephone calls to consumers promoting personal injury claims. Cold calling such as this is now against the law to protect the public from companies such as these. Despite various enquiries the Ministry of Justice has been unable to contact the businesses concerned and has appealed for information to the public – as well as urging them to proceed with caution.

The businesses concerned are National Compensation Consumer Line, Compensation Consumer Survey Line and Personal Injury Hotline.

It is important that the claims management industry does not allow itself to be tarred by charlatans hovering on the fringes of the market. People need to have access to justice. They should not feel in any way stigmatised or unsure about their right to make a claim.

A compensation claim can help insure that fair and appropriate compensation is received. It is important that anyone making a claim for compensation after an accident feels comfortable with the process – they should make sure that they work with a solicitor that understands what they are doing and can help to keep the process stress free. Someone who has suffered an injury has enough on their plate!

Money will not fix everything, or put a stop to the pain or psychological damage. But it can be a useful and important tool to give an accident victim control back over their life, especially if the claimant has had to take time off work or pay large medical bills.

Getting in touch with a professional claims company can be the first stage in moving on with your life after an injury. If you’re planning on making a personal injury claim, you need to ensure that your claims company is regulated, and you need to feel comfortable with the way the claims company treats you, before going ahead.

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