Personal Injury Cases

While many times a personal injury can be taken care of between the injured parties themselves, there are many different issues which are not obvious to the everyday person.  This can cause a different in how the claims are handled an what the end result compensation amounts may be.

A personal injury case will typically involved some or all of the following stages.

Determination of the Incident

  • the at-the-scene investigation as to what occurred
  • the initial Insurance Company investigation
  • the investigation by the attorney

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The Insurance Claim

  • contacting and cooperating with your insurance company to process your claim
  • contacting the negligent or “at fault” person’s insurance company
  • the settlement demand – how much you are willing to take in settlement

The Lawsuit

  • why, when, and where to file a lawsuit.  This occurs if the parties do not reach settlement prior to a lawsuit being filed
  • fast track court rules and requirements – the basic nuts and bolts of proceeding with a lawsuit
  • discovery – this phase is where both parties look for information for the other party to support their side of the case
  • arbitration / mediation – this phase will occur if the parties can not reach a settlement and the case itself is not cut and dry.  This could happen before or after a trial
  • trial  – the lawsuit is played out in front of a judge and jury to determine if the defendant is negligent

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