There’s No Harm In Getting A Personal Injury Attorney by Manuel …

Accidents happen and it can happen to anyone at any time anywhere. However, some accidents can be prevented and avoided. But when accidents occur or when harm is done as a result of the negligence or inaction of another person, one can seek remedy under the torts law.

If you are a victim of a negligent action, a personal injury attorney is just the right person who can help you.

Personal injury attorneys handle issues involving torts and accidents caused by negligence. They specialize on personal injury cases and help victims obtain the best possible settlement for their claims. They advise and counsel clients on the procedures of filing their cases.

As often as accidents happen, personal injury attorneys abound to assist victims of torts. In Los Angeles, there are personal injury attorneys who have the experience and knowledge to handle such cases. These lawyers help victims file compensation claims for injuries or harm sustained in accidents.

Personal injury may be either intentional or unintentional. Intentional torts include battery, defamation, and intrusion of privacy. Unintentional torts arise from negligence and inaction which could cause harm or injury to another person. These also include general negligence arising from vehicular accidents, wrongful death claims, animal attacks, dog bites, slip and fall injuries, brain injury claims, premise liability, product liability, construction liability, and worker’s compensation claims.

It is the responsibility of personal injury attorneys to determine liability of an offender in accidents due to negligence or inaction. Personal injury attorneys are needed to protect the rights of a victim and to ensure that he is properly compensated for the harm done to him.

In most personal injury cases, a victim can seek damages, which may include medical expenses, lost income, lost or diminished income capacity, and all other expenses that can be recovered as economic losses.

Through a personal injury attorney, a victim can also seek restitution for non-economic losses like pain, suffering or anguish, sleeplessness, and disability or disfigurement. In worst cases when action is intentional, punitive damages are taken as a precautionary move against an offender to prevent occurrence of similar accidents in the future. And in case of death, funeral expenses will be shouldered by the offender.

There is a limited or given period for victims to file a personal injury lawsuit against an offender. Called the statute of limitations, it varies according to state laws and the nature of the complainant’s course of action. However, in Los Angeles, victims can file a personal injury case against an offender within two years from the time the incident occurred.

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